Maintenance of wooden windows and doors

  1. Proper ventilation of a building. Moisture should be removed from a building by frequent and proper airing of the rooms in order to prevent damage to the varnish and wood. In the event that any construction works are carried out in winter, the rooms should be both heated and ventilated (that is provided with ventilation boost with fully opened windows and doors).
    The rooms should be aired several times a day in particular during internal plastering works or laying the screed. Proper ventilation prevents condensation of moisture on glass panes also during the heating period.
  2. Relevant surface protection Windows and entry doors must be properly protected and secured during construction works. Varnished surfaces must be protected against contact with plaster, mortar or screed. Only well-known products may be used to tape the frames during construction works. Adhesive tapes must be removed within two weeks after covering the surface with tape. Do not use any sharp tools.
  3. Regular care and maintenance Never use aggressive srubbing cleaners or abrasive cleaning agents It is recommended that you use ADLER Pflegeset Plus – special window care products and Haustuerenpflegeset – a door care product. Both products can be obtained from us. Optimum results may be achieved when the aforementioned products are applied once a year to refresh the surface of window frames and twice a year to refresh the door. The products close microfine cracks and pores of the varnish film and prolongs the renovation intervals. Should mechanical damage occur, for example hail damage, repair coating must be applied.

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