Wooden windows mean harmony with nature and tradition.

Połączenie nowoczesnych technologii obróbki, gwarantuje produkt
o najwyższej jakości. Ciepło, cicho i bezpiecznie. Wszystkie produkty są realizowane
na indywidualne zamówienie z uwzględnieniem Państwa wymagań. Jesteśmy
w stanie zrealizować niemal każdy rozmiar, ograniczony tylko przez możliwości technologiczne.

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Single-frame windows and balcony doors

We offer windows made from excellent glue-laminated timber:

  • Thickness of windows: 68 mm, 78 mm i 92 mm
  • Thermal properties of our windows:
    for 68 mm single-glazed units Ug=1.1– Rw=1.3 – 1.7 (W/m2*K),
    for 68 mm double-gazed units Ug=0.8 – Rw=1.2 (W/m2*K),
    for 78 mm double-gazed units Ug=0.8 – Rw=1.0 (W/m2*K),
    for 92 mm and double-glazed units Ug=0.5 – Rw=0.9 (W/m2*K)
  • Glued material: pine wood with fastenings, pine wood without fastenings (solid pine material), meranti or oak
  • Glazing: single-glazed units (Ug=1.1 W/m2*K) or double-glazed units (Ug=0.7 W/m2*K) and special panes: safe, anti-theft, with UV protection window film, sound-absorbing (from Rw=37 dB to Rw=45 dB) and others.
  • Accessories: muntins (inner-bars, structural muntins, glued-on muntins), silicone (white, brown, teak, oak), handles, waterbars, roller-shutters, etc.
  • Profiled section bars and decorative elements such as heads and cornices, etc.
  • Window profiles: classic, softline and retro


Window and balcony door styles:

  • Fixed (S), hopper (R), tilt and turn (UR),tilt and slide (PSK),
  • a comfortable large sash – width: from 77 cm to 200cm, weight: up to 200 kg. Double wing door and triple wing door.
  • Folding doors (FS), enable the opening up of almost entire walls – the width of the opening up to 360 cm, the width of particular sashes from 33 cm to 90 cm (one sash weights up to 90 kg), a large number of opening variants, including low threshold doors.
  • Low-threshold lift and slide door (HS), sash width up to 330 cm and sash weight up to 400 kg double sliding door system. See the photo below. Triple sliding door may open up to the width of 990 cm.


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